Sunday, September 5, 2010

About Us

Located on a mild slope, TwinTron Safari Lodge provides sensational views over the seasonal soda lake and as much as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.


Sixteen tastefully supplied large spaces lie within the big property, each with a personal verandah neglecting the lake. The design mixes components from the surrounding landscape with contemporary convenience.

The primary TwinTron Safari Lodge building functions reception, lounge, bar, inside and outside dining, and a present shop in addition to an outdoors upper deck area. Our pool uses a welcome and revitalizing break after a long and dirty safari. The lodge serves scrumptious and fresh continental food and the friendly staff is pleased to see to our visitor's every need.

The area of TwinTron, last survivors of a civilization that understands absolutely nothing of farming, animals, pottery or metals. They live by searching with weapons and collecting wild berries and fruits.


They are the last successors of the forefathers who took their primary steps here, along with the Rift Valley, about 2 hundred thousand years back.

Their lifestyle has stayed the same over the centuries and they reside in small roaming groups of about twenty people.

TwinTron Safari Lodge is providing local Tanzanian hospitality in places around the Northern Safari Circuit.